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Mossy Oak and Realtree Camouflage

Leafy Camo Gloves (Fingerless or Touchscreen Tips)

Leafy Camo Gloves (Fingerless or Touchscreen Tips)

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3D Leafy Camo Gloves for Hunting!


- Lightweight 4-Way Comfort Stretch Fabric
2 Options for Touch Screen Tips OR 1st 3 digits Open
- Scent Control Fabric
- Leafy Free Index Finger
- Silicon Dots on Palm for Better Grip

More Details

- High Quality Realistic 3D Leafy Design to Give you an Edge on Blending into Your Environment
- All-New 3D Leafy Camouflage Gloves!
- Perfect for Spring Turkey, Birdwatching, and Wildlife Photography.
- Super Lightweight and comfortable 4-Way Stretch material. Scent Control fabric to keep you undetected.
- Touch screen enabled thumb and fingers so you can keep in touch with your friends and family.
- The fingerless tips give your more dexterity for turkey calling.
- Realistic 3D leafy design to give you an edge on blending into your environment. QuikCamo is the perfect addition to any gear bag.

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Leaf Free Index Finger
Worry free leafy free index finger so there is no interference when it matters most.
Non-Slip Grip
Not too sticky, not too slippery, our black dots will give you the perfect grip every time!
Leafy Design
We were the first ever to create Mossy Oak leafy camo gloves, and we’re still the best! Our leaves are lightweight and shaped to blend you in better without getting in your way!
Fingerless Tips
When dexterity and precision are a must, then the cut offs are just what you need!
Touchscreen Tips
Want your fingertips covered but still be able to use your camera phone to text pics to your hunting buddies? Then this style will fit you like a glove!

Why Choose QuikCamo?

We Create Innovative Gear Using Mossy Oak, Realtree & Kings Camo.
We were the 1st to market Mossy Oak Leafy Hats w/Built-in Face Masks
& to create Mossy Oak Leafy Gloves and Realtree Multifunctional Headwear.
We have improved the Leafy Suit to Provide Avid Outdoorsmen
and Women an Extra Edge to Blend-in to Nature!

Why Choose QuikCamo?

We Create Innovative Gear Using Mossy Oak, Realtree & Kings Camo. We were the 1st to market Mossy Oak Leafy Hats w/Built-in Face Masks & to create Mossy Oak Leafy Gloves and Realtree Multifunctional Headwear. We have improved the Leafy Suit to Provide Avid Outdoorsmen and Women an Extra Edge to Blend-in to Nature!

Our Story
Our Story

Freqently Asked Questions


Should I get fingerless or touchscreen?

Both. You should get a pair of each. But if you can’t, then really it’s personal preference. 

Some people like the improved dexterity that the fingerless version offers for pulling a trigger or using a duck call or turkey call. Others like the warmth the full fingers offer and since there are touch screen pads, they can still take a pic of that massive bull elk, trophy deer, team of ducks or 800 lb turkey.

What camo pattern should I use?

Don’t overthink it, all our camo is premium. But first thing to do if you’re unsure is to ask fellow hunters in your area what they think or send us a message and we can help you figure out what would work best for when you’re hunting and in what environment.

We make our gear with the best camo patterns in the world so to be honest you’d have a hard time picking a bad camo.

Scroll/Tap "Back to Top" and find the "See Camo Pattern Descriptions" link Below the Camo Pattern Dropdown menu. To Check out details about each pattern to help you decide what the best camo is for you.

Are there optical brighteners?

Nope! There are NO Optical UV Brighteners used in the fabric printing process. We know better, and so do Realtree and Mossy Oak, who make the fabrics we use.

Why do I need 3D leafy gear?

Because you will literally disappear. Don’t believe me? Just put on the gear and look in a mirror! BOOM. Gone. Okay, so maybe it’s not like that, but the leaves are specially cut with our proprietary and copyrighted design. They move naturally with the breeze and add depth to your profile, making you that more invisible. The leafy camo works beyond what flat camo patterns do, because it breaks up your human form. Leafy camo is next level concealment.

How do I clean my gear?

Rub mud on it after each hunt…jkjk lol. For best results hand wash and hang dry. Use a waterproofing spray and/or scent control as needed. Dryers will beat the sh!t outta the leaves, so avoid em at all costs.

What about Shipping? How long does it take, cost, and where is the gear coming from?

We ship faster than you can say camouflage! Why do you think we’re called QuikCamo? But really, we usually get the gear to the post office within 24 hours of your order, Monday-Saturday

Where from?

We ship straight outta hell, I mean Idaho, USA (best state ever, just sayin’).


Our FREE Shipping option for orders under 1 lb (anything other than a leafy suit) will ship with USPS First Class Mail (FCM) and you will get a tracking number emailed or texted to you. 

Time till Arrival?

FCM It takes ~3-7 days, 5 days on average. 

If you order a leafy suit or gear adding up to over 16 ounces you’ll be automatically upgraded to FREE USPS Priority Mail for ~2-4 days shipping (3 days on average.)

You can always pay to get your gear QUICKER.

What can I use this camo gear for?

For anything you need to do without being seen (that’s legal): duck hunting, turkey hunting, bowhunting, airsoft, paintball, wildlife photography, birdwatching, insert other activities here ;)

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews

Great product, true to size ,good color options

Great to hear! Thanks so much for the positive review!

Bob S. (Newton Falls, US)
3D Leafy Gloves

I ordered the gloves and top. They were delivered in a timely manner. I took them into the woods and draped them over some brush and they broke the outline at approximately 15 yds. The moved well with the wind. The season in Ohio is still a month off but they exceeded my expectations, they are well made and fit well.

Jay W. (West Harrison, US)
Great fit, good looking!

Gloves fit... like a glove! J/k, very nice fit, fingerless on 2 and thumb, great for manipulation. Surprisingly warmer than I expected - 10 deg F out today, was comfy for the small time I was out. Ladies swoon for the look.

Thank you for the awesome review, Jay!
We're thrilled to hear that the Leafy Camo Gloves are a perfect fit and keep you warm in chilly temperatures.
Glad to hear they also received compliments from the ladies - a bonus feature haha!
Thank you for choosing our camo wear. Happy adventuring!