QuikCamo's Origin Story

How the QuikCamo Brand and Ultimate Face Concealment System was Created

Warren and Doug were destined to work together. The two had been great friends for many years. In early 2007 Nick was watching one of his favorite hunters, Will Primos, on an elk hunt. Will bugled, the bull bugled and closed the distance fast. Will had to put down his bow, take off his hat, struggle to find his mask and get it on all while the bull of a lifetime was rushing in. Will got busted by that bull and Nick thought there must be a better way.
Nick’s enthusiasm and Doug’s creativity worked well together as they collaborated on the mission of creating the ultimate face concealment system for the outdoorsman. The two tackled the issues of one handed operation, ease of use, eyewear compatible, hearing friendly, scent control, UV protection, and the elimination of camo face paint. As they worked to create this new product they quickly realized they had it right when they came up with the idea of building the mask right into the camo hat. That way, the outdoorsman would never have to search around for his mask in the heat of the moment. Will Primos would have been ready to take that monster bull had he been wearing this face mask.
It took Nick and Doug a year of field testing prototypes and getting feedback from hunters, guides and friends. They worked hard to source the right technical fabrics, scent control and breathability. The team did everything they could to get this product made in America but it just wasn’t meant to be. Doug mortgaged his home and with help from friends and family, Nick and Doug partnered with Conrad to get the product manufactured in a world class New Era factory overseas. Several retailers lined up to carry the product and in January of 2008,QuikCamo Quality Headwear launched at the 2008 Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show and was touted as one of the “Best New Products” of the show.
In 2009, Nick’s long time fears were confirmed when he was formally diagnosed with a rare progressive degenerative disease. Nick passed away in 2019. Doug and Kyle continue to run QuikCamo. With several patent pending products, QuikCamo continues to grow.
The last decade has seen everyday citizens like Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank), Johnny Unser (Racing), Bruce Willis, Steve Miller (Steve Miller Band) and Scotty Pippen use QuikCamo. In the hunting world, Jeff Foxworthy and the team at Foxworthy Outdoors, Scott and Tiffany Haugen, Bob Coker, Tink’s, Archie Nesbitt and Kevin Paulson all love their QuikCamo hats.
It is our hope that we can continue to innovate, create and market our products until every hunter needing the ultimate face concealment system is proud to own one of our QuikCamo concealment hats.

Mission: To design innovative and high quality camo gear that helps create lasting outdoor memories.

Vision: To enhance the outdoorsmen and women’s experience by helping them get up close and personal to wildlife undetected.

Values: Customer First. Quality Gear. No Exceptions.


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Give it a try

The hat is awesome!

Great to hear you like the camo face mask hat combo! Good luck in your hunting pursuits this year!

Leafy face mask bucket gat

I have not hunted with the hat yet, but I really like the way it looks and fits. It looks to be well made and the camo looks great.

Hi Doug, glad you trusted us to try it out and that you appreciate the quality and camo! Good luck this turkey season!

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
Turkey H. (Providence, US)
High Quality, Well Designed Leafy Suit

This is a must have for any duck, bow or turkey hunter. It leaves (no pun intended) enough room to wear a warm winter coats underneath but is also extremely breathable for when you're on a warm weather hunt. You could wear shorts and a t-shirt underneath no problem.
The flexible elastic on the wrists, ankles and waistband on the pants makes it comfortable and bug proof.
The zippered pockets keep things from falling out.
The leaves themselves are printed on both sides and the way they're shaped and the fabric they're made with break-up the human form better than any other leafy camo suit on the market.
The mesh base and leaves have held up very well and seem to be very tear resistant.
Highly recommend.

Excellent camo

From customer service to product I am very pleased with my purchase.
After checking out the website I reached out using the "Chat with us" and found myself talking to not only a real person, but one of the owners! After some discussion I ended up purchasing the large/XL Mossy Oak 3D Leafy suit. It shipped quickly and I tried it on as soon as it arrived. I am impressed with how light weight it is and features like the pockets. I can't wait to get out in the field for turkey season this year.

Hi Bill, thanks for the positive review! We truly care about each customer and wish you the best in your hunting pursuits!

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
Michael R. (East Moriches, US)
Awesome concealment

Awesome concealment been using my quick camo for duckhunting in my kayak blends in so good with the natural vegetation in the marsh land that I hunt Ducks have no idea I’m there !

Hey Michael, you are the first hunter to use our new 3D Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Camo Suit and Bucket Hat with Face Mask for duck hunting! Huge congrats!

Predator hunting must have

The snow camo mask hat was just what I was looking for. The convenience of not having to fumble around with an extra mask in freezing temps saves on frozen fingers. The hang down mask works good to cover your hand movements while using predator mouth calls. The drop down ear flaps are also nice to keep the cold off the lobes and are thin enough to not hinder your hearing. I also like how the mask fits snug around my eyes so the fabric doesn't hinder my vision. Definitely a must for predator hunting haven't been able to find a combo like this until now. Great product

Hi Phil, that was a great review, thanks for sharing! We are also glad you found our camo gear for hunting! Good luck out there, - Kyle

Just what I was looking for

I have a bright face. Glasses too. I feel deer spot me sometimes because of my face. I don't like to paint my face because it feels dirty and gets all over, plus being deep in the woods clean up is a hassle. Most face masks are to tight and in the cold my nose runs like a faucet so it's a mess. Plus I feel they block some of my hearing .
This Quick camo mask is great. It's tight enough to feel secure but still loose enough not to hinder me. It has ear mesh openings so I can hear and it's open on the bottom so I can wipe my nose when needed. The field of view is perfect even with my glasses. Plus the field of view stays wide open even when shouldering my gun so no problem there. The wire brim is nice so I can bend my brim to where I want it so the sun positions are less a problem. I was able to wear my wool cap and this Quick camo hat fit over it . The drawstring keeps it in postion even in the breeze. The face shield somewhat protected my face from the wind chill factor too. Now i did notice some fog on my glasses but found turning my head the fog dissipated. I feel the fogging of my glasses was from after i climbed 25 feet up a tree, i was breathing heavy and had vented my jacket to cool down some.
I like this hat and I believe it works. Well thought out simple design that works and comes in all kinds of patterns.

Hi Matt! Valid point with the camo face paint, it's not ideal, which is why we created a better concealment solution! Glad you were able to get the benefits from using it out there in the field and up in your tree stand!

Camo gear

Excellent product, especially the bug netting. The netting will come in handy in the Spring turkey hunting, since I am from Iowa.

Hi Ronald, I'm happy that you like the camo gear and were able to benefits from the mosquito head net too!

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
Steve (Chesapeake, US)
Happy customer

Fast shipping, solid product…see how it hides me this turkey season.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the review! Send pictures this Spring turkey season and we'll post them on our social media! Good luck in your pursuits! -Kyle

A better hat/mask combo

Hat and mask are simple, right? Wrong...the nose piece eliminates the fogging that drove me nuts with other masks. I typically wear glasses for eye protection and/or to keep animals from seeing my eyes when I'm archery hunting. This is a very nicely designed mask that hides my face and does not fog my glasses. The nose piece has a lot of vents. It just works. a plus.

Hi Kevin, thanks for helping other customers see the value in our camo gear in creating a successful and comfortable hunting experience! - Kyle, Owner

Very nice

Got this leafy camo hat a couple of weeks ago and although I haven’t had a chance to wear it in the woods yet , it does seem to be made very well. I like it a lot better than the camo net I was wearing. Spring turkey season will be a good test for it.

Can't wait to hear how it works for your turkey hunting endeavors!

Love It!

The leafy hat with facemask is a great product.

Glad to hear it, Michael! Wish you all the best in your hunting pursuits!

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
John (Hyde Park, US)
Great Leafy Suits

It makes me me disappear!

2 in 1 front leafy camo hat

This hat is awesome as it doubles as a hat and face mask.

Indeed it does! Can't even tell the mask is up in there!

Great hat

Very handy, love it!

Good to hear! We strive for perfection in our gear!

Excellent quality, would highly recommend this to anyone !!

Thanks for the 5 Star Review Mark! Enjoy your new black face mask hat combo!

2-in-1 REAR Face Mask and Camo Hat (Fitted)
T.C. (Rancho Cucamonga, US)
I thought I bought all of the Desert Shadow camo components.......

....until I searched for a ballcap because I wasn't happy with the brim style hat I bought from another company. The ballcap I bought from QuickCamo is perfect! the material is like the rest of my gear. The mask is very well done, it even has button style holes for your glasses!
They also included a bugnet cover, in its own orange carry bag, for free! A real class act!

Glad to hear! Good luck this season and many more to come!

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
K.M. (Blairstown, US)
Excellent! The best leaf suit out there.

Much cooler than a ghillie suit, perfect for turkey or bow season. Great for on-the-move turkey hunting.
Very durable for such a lightweight material. I ordered 2 more for Christmas gifts they are so good.

This is so great! Thanks for the awesome feedback

Ground Blind

Yesterday was opening day for deer season in Georgia. The first time I used it. It worked out great. I was concerned that the eyes opening would not be where I could see out the holes. They were not any problem. The hat was also comfortable thanks

Glad the hat and face mask are working well for you!

Works great!

Good to hear! Thanks for the picture review!

Invisible in the woods

I love this leafy bucket hat with drop down face covering. I had deer look right at me and not react whatsoever. The adjustment strap makes it easy to get to fit perfectly, and my head is on the larger size, yet I still synch it down a little. I like it so much I bought a backup! Highly recommend.

Looking good in the woods! Happy to see that you appreciate the design and features! Thanks for the recommending QuikCamo Gear!

I sought out the hat style that I wanted and could not find it anywhere else. Love the hat thanks

Hey Herbert, thanks for the positive review! We are happy you found our camo gear! Good luck in your pursuits!

Camo duck hunting face mask hat

Awesome product. Fast delivery. Good fit and function! Love it!

Hey John, Glad you're liking the waterfowl face mask camo hat! Good luck out there!

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
Robert V. (Philadelphia, US)

The suit works great, , it blend right into the area that I hunt, Thank you

Right on Robert! Good luck this season!

REALTREE XTRA GREEN® Leafy Camo Front Face Concealment (Adjustable, OSFM)
ken l. (Newport, US)

I lost my first Quikcamo leafy hat turkey hunting this past spring. It was a no brainer on replacing it with another. Good quality merchandise.

Hi Ken, Thanks for supporting our family business! Good luck this season and many more to come! -Kyle