QuikCamo's Origin Story

How the QuikCamo Brand and Ultimate Face Concealment System was Created

Warren and Doug were destined to work together. The two had been great friends for many years. In early 2007 Nick was watching one of his favorite hunters, Will Primos, on an elk hunt. Will bugled, the bull bugled and closed the distance fast. Will had to put down his bow, take off his hat, struggle to find his mask and get it on all while the bull of a lifetime was rushing in. Will got busted by that bull and Nick thought there must be a better way.
Nick’s enthusiasm and Doug’s creativity worked well together as they collaborated on the mission of creating the ultimate face concealment system for the outdoorsman. The two tackled the issues of one handed operation, ease of use, eyewear compatible, hearing friendly, scent control, UV protection, and the elimination of camo face paint. As they worked to create this new product they quickly realized they had it right when they came up with the idea of building the mask right into the camo hat. That way, the outdoorsman would never have to search around for his mask in the heat of the moment. Will Primos would have been ready to take that monster bull had he been wearing this face mask.
It took Nick and Doug a year of field testing prototypes and getting feedback from hunters, guides and friends. They worked hard to source the right technical fabrics, scent control and breathability. The team did everything they could to get this product made in America but it just wasn’t meant to be. Doug mortgaged his home and with help from friends and family, Nick and Doug partnered with Conrad to get the product manufactured in a world class New Era factory overseas. Several retailers lined up to carry the product and in January of 2008,QuikCamo Quality Headwear launched at the 2008 Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show and was touted as one of the “Best New Products” of the show.
In 2009, Nick’s long time fears were confirmed when he was formally diagnosed with a rare progressive degenerative disease. Nick passed away in 2019. Doug and Kyle continue to run QuikCamo. With several patent pending products, QuikCamo continues to grow.
The last decade has seen everyday citizens like Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank), Johnny Unser (Racing), Bruce Willis, Steve Miller (Steve Miller Band) and Scotty Pippen use QuikCamo. In the hunting world, Jeff Foxworthy and the team at Foxworthy Outdoors, Scott and Tiffany Haugen, Bob Coker, Tink’s, Archie Nesbitt and Kevin Paulson all love their QuikCamo hats.
It is our hope that we can continue to innovate, create and market our products until every hunter needing the ultimate face concealment system is proud to own one of our QuikCamo concealment hats.

Mission: To design innovative and high quality camo gear that helps create lasting outdoor memories.

Vision: To enhance the outdoorsmen and women’s experience by helping them get up close and personal to wildlife undetected.

Values: Customer First. Quality Gear. No Exceptions.


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Great customer service

I had a nearly immediate thread separation issue with the 1st set of gloves, but they promptly replaced them. The 2nd set seems to be better but I have unfortunately not been able to try them out much yet. I did check them for fit & finish & they seem to be holding together. Thank you again!

Thanks Frank! Although this hasn't been a common issue, we're always making improvements and the next batch of gloves will be even more durable without sacrificing comfort, utility or concealment. We stand behind our gear 100% so if you have any future problems we'll make it right! Good luck in your pursuits, -Kyle

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
Charles B. (New Orleans, US)

Looks great
Blends well

Looks Amazing

At first look out of the box this camo looks great. Have not had the chance to try it out in the outdoors yet but put it on in the house and it seem like it will work really well. Light weight, quiet, easy and quick to put on. This is going to be a fun tool to use to see what we can accomplish. I will update later

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
Larry H. (Logan, US)
I’m extremely pleased with my Quik Camo purchase.

The 3D camo suit is constructed of affordable quality material. The metal snap buttons are firmly attached to the shirt. This configuration alleviates the buttons from snapping off like some lesser quality plastic button that are sew on.
The elastic bands sew into the wrist and ankle cuffs are an additional plus for the suit. This well designed feature enables the hunter to make adjustments silently, unlike Velcro. RIP! The fitted elastic bands also mitigate the possible of getting snagged by limbs or caught on bushes.
An additional quality design with this suit is the flexibility to hunt in a warm humid environment with light clothes, or add needed layers to hunt in colder areas.
Overall, well designed and affordable.

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
kevin (Minneapolis, US)



The only thing I see wrong with the hat is the writing up to wish it was my so light of a color but everything else worked out well .

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
Roy E. (Los Angeles, US)
First Turkey

Really liked the products , took them out on my first Turkey hunt . Would definitely order more

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
Jarrod H. (Lawrenceburg, US)
My experience

Absolutely love my suite had one come in at 10 yards an didn’t even know I was there I would recommend this suite to everyone

Great product. Built-in face mask is convenient and fits perfect.

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
William I. (Charlotte, US)

Great fit and color is spot on for spring turkey hunting. High-quality materials. Worth 5 stars 🌟.

Perfect Fit

I bought 3 of these, one for my grandfather, my dad, and myself. Hat adjusts perfectly and all 3 of is love it. The design is great and have already had multiple encounters with game and the 3D pattern hid me perfectly. Well worth the purchase.

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
Ed G. (New York, US)

Used your leafy camo suit and hat during a 4 day turkey hunt in the Adirondack’s
Shot a turkey the fist morning at 10 yards
The bird had no clue I was there
Love the product

Awesome Camo!

I rate this camo a 10/5 stars! The fit is awesome, comfortable, well made, and breathable! The photo attached is shown wearing the camo over my work clothes! No more changing out in the field or running home to get dressed. I can leave work, slip this camo over my work clothes and hit the woods!


Haven't taken it in the woods yet, but first impression after opening the box was quality and excellent detail.
Fits well enough for an over the clothes option.

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
Henry B. (Angier, US)
Awesome suit

This suit is very comfortable. Pockets are large in coat and pants so have plenty of room.. Love the elastic around the waist. Gloves fit awesome.

Leafy bucket hat

I've only had it out a couple times but really impressed with it so far.
Really like the shapeable brim works great if you wanna peak out or raise it up to see full view.
Was out yesterday after turkey's and had three deer walk up to 6-7 yards of me and never paid any attention until they moved around and got a slight wiff of me then I started getting some looks but they never spooked.
Only thing about hat that wasn't favorable was i think chin strap would be better on the inside of facecover. But that's really not an issue.
Great piece of equipment!!!!!!!

Thanks for the through review, Michael! The chin strap is on the outside of the mask so you can cinch it down around the face mask. Some find that is more comfortable, creates better vision, and bowhunters like it for their anchor point. In future upgrades we might add clips so you can choose to put it inside or outside of the mask! Thanks for supporting our family business and good luck in your pursuits! -Kyle

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
Michael W. (Baltimore, US)

Great product and even better customer service!

Great glove!

Theese are exellent camoflage! I also have the ball cap with face cover. I like the leafy design and the extra green of MO Obsession. I have large hands. I think my glove size is 12. Theese gloves are just big enough and cuff seam is real tight to pull on; it works but if you have large paws they may not be big enough. I prefer the full finger version and the fingers are long enough. Overall: great leafy camo, on the small side, not hot, great dexterity, Id buy again. Thanks for making great products!

Excellent quality

Quik Camo- New Purchase

Just received my new leafy suit and hat.(Breakthrough). Very satisfied with quality and workmanship, plus I now have pockets!!

3D Camo Leafy Suits and Tops
Nick G. (Ansonia, US)

Got me bucket hat and jacket the other day. VERY happy with them. Very good quality, so glad I didn’t waste any more money on the junk from the big outdoor stores. Can’t wait to get out Turkey hunting !

Full suit

A friend had a full suit for turkey hunting. I loved it, so I bought my own. It's perfect for what it's designed for.