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2-in-1 Leafy Face Mask and Bucket Hat (Adjustable, OSFM)

2-in-1 Leafy Face Mask and Bucket Hat (Adjustable, OSFM)

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One Size Fits Most SM-XL (Hat size 6 to 8, 54-63cm)
Custom Fit with Locking Drawstring.
Choose From 12 Camo Patterns


- Easy to Wear with Glasses + Anti-Fog Mesh
- Avoid Impaired Hearing w/Lightweight Mesh
- 3D Leafy Camo Boonie Hats with Built-in Face Masks

More Details

- The mask drops down from inside the bucket hat
- The bill keeps the sun out of your eyes while you wear your mask
- Original B3D Leafy Camo™ special design creates realistic camouflage
Shapeable Brim: Bend the wire brim to fit your needs whether sitting against a tree, using a bow or if to get the brim up for improved vision
- Hide your shining face in seconds
- Break up your outline
- Eyewear compatible
- Anti-fog mesh in the mask
- One-hand Operation
- 360 degree mesh keep you cool during warm weather hunts
- 3D leaves move naturally in a light breeze
- Quick drying / moisture wicking / breathable, high quality polyester fabrics
- Ideal for Spring and Fall Turkey Hunting Seasons
- Perfect for hunting waterfowl (goose, duck) big game (elk, whitetail deer) and predators (bears, coyotes and cougars)
- Also used for birdwatching and wildlife photography

Size Chart

Watch the video below to learn how to measure your hat size! Hat Size Chart: Nature More Sizing Info Here

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We ship w/in 24 hours out of Idaho.

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Adjustable Drawstring
The bucket hat starts at 63cm (big enough to fit Scotty Pippen’s melon) and you can tighten it down to fit your head size.
Mask Up
Quickly make your mask disappear into the crown of the hat like the mask makes YOU disappear into thin air when the mask is down.
360 Degree Mesh
Keep a cool head in the hot and humid months of Spring Turkey and early Fall hunting seasons, and since the hat is big enough to comfortably wear with a warm beanie you can also be a hothead!
Chin Strap
Give the hat/mask a ride on your back or cinch it down to keep it from blowing off your head (not like that) Don’t like it, cut it off.
Shapeable Brim
As you can seen in the images, you can bend the wire brim to fit your needs whether sitting up against a tree, using a bow or if you just want to get the brim up for improved vision, the choice is yours!
Mouth Mesh
Don’t like smelling your own breath when wearing a tight or thick mask? We gotcha covered! The anti-fog mesh also helps keep your glasses clear for better vision and turkey mouth and duck calls are easily used though the mesh.
Ear Mesh for Hearing Clearly
WHAT!? That’s what you WON’T be saying when you wear your QuikCamo mask! Our mask doesn’t impair you from hearing da bears, ducks, deer, or turkeys.

Why Choose QuikCamo?

We Create Innovative Gear Using Mossy Oak, Realtree & Kings Camo.
We were the 1st to market Mossy Oak Leafy Hats w/Built-in Face Masks
& to create Mossy Oak Leafy Gloves and Realtree Multifunctional Headwear.
We have improved the Leafy Suit to Provide Avid Outdoorsmen
and Women an Extra Edge to Blend-in to Nature!

Why Choose QuikCamo?

We Create Innovative Gear Using Mossy Oak, Realtree & Kings Camo. We were the 1st to market Mossy Oak Leafy Hats w/Built-in Face Masks & to create Mossy Oak Leafy Gloves and Realtree Multifunctional Headwear. We have improved the Leafy Suit to Provide Avid Outdoorsmen and Women an Extra Edge to Blend-in to Nature!

Our Story
Our Story

Freqently Asked Questions


How does the hat size adjust/change?

On the back of the hat there is a locking drawstring that makes the hat size customizable.

Will this hat/mask fit me?

Yes! Well, there’s a 99% chance if you’re older than 12, male or female, that our adjustable hat/mask combo will fit. The bucket hat will adjust from a head size of 6 to 8. 

Don’t know if your head size is in the 6-8 range (54-63cm)?

Scroll/Tap "Back to Top" and find the "Size Chart" Tab.

Remember, if anything doesn’t fit, we will cover the cost of a return that’s in new condition with tags w/in 30 days of delivery.

What camo pattern should I use?

Don’t overthink it, all our camo is premium. But first thing to do if you’re unsure is to ask fellow hunters in your area what they think or send us a message and we can help you figure out what would work best for when you’re hunting and in what environment.

We make our gear with the best camo patterns in the world so to be honest you’d have a hard time picking a bad camo.

Scroll/Tap "Back to Top" and find the "See Camo Pattern Descriptions" link Below the Camo Pattern Dropdown menu. To Check out details about each pattern to help you decide what the best camo is for you.

Will the brim get in my way bowhunting or sitting up against a tree while hunting?

Not likely. We made the brim with a flexible wire for shaping and customization.

Can I wear the mask with glasses?

Absolutely! Our hat/mask is the BEST on the market for people who wear prescription or sunglasses. We added slits into the mask you can slide the arms of the glasses through, or you can pull the mask over your glasses and pull the glasses through the eyeholes. Check out our video HERE to see how it’s done!

Are there optical brighteners?

Nope! There are NO Optical UV Brighteners used in the fabric printing process. We know better, and so do Realtree and Mossy Oak, who make the fabrics we use.

Why do I need 3D leafy gear?

Because you will literally disappear. Don’t believe me? Just put on the gear and look in a mirror! BOOM. Gone. Okay, so maybe it’s not like that, but the leaves are specially cut with our proprietary and copyrighted design. They move naturally with the breeze and add depth to your profile, making you that more invisible. The leafy camo works beyond what flat camo patterns do, because it breaks up your human form. Leafy camo is next level concealment.

How do I clean my gear?

Rub mud on it after each hunt…jkjk lol. For best results hand wash and hang dry. Use a waterproofing spray and/or scent control as needed. Dryers will beat the sh!t outta the leaves, so avoid em at all costs.

What about Shipping? How long does it take, cost, and where is the gear coming from?

We ship faster than you can say camouflage! Why do you think we’re called QuikCamo? But really, we usually get the gear to the post office within 24 hours of your order, Monday-Saturday

Where from?

We ship straight outta hell, I mean Idaho, USA (best state ever, just sayin’).


Our FREE Shipping option for orders under 1 lb (anything other than a leafy suit) will ship with USPS First Class Mail (FCM) and you will get a tracking number emailed or texted to you. 

Time till Arrival?

FCM It takes ~3-7 days, 5 days on average. 

If you order a leafy suit or gear adding up to over 16 ounces you’ll be automatically upgraded to FREE USPS Priority Mail for ~2-4 days shipping (3 days on average.)

You can always pay to get your gear QUICKER.

What can I use this camo gear for?

For anything you need to do without being seen (that’s legal): duck hunting, turkey hunting, bowhunting, airsoft, paintball, wildlife photography, birdwatching, insert other activities here ;)

Customer Reviews

Based on 145 reviews

Fits great,can breathe thru better than most head gear. Fits well..definitely buying more products from this company..

Thank you so much for supporting our family business! We are happy to have you as part of the QuikCamo Tribe! Good luck in your pursuits! -Kyle

Wade S. (Pittsburgh, US)
Amazing camo!

Works super well!! Even got a personal note thanking me in my order. Very professional!

Hi Wade!
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review.
The bucket hat/mask combo is becoming a hunter's favorite form on face concealment!
We always strive to provide the best customer experience, so we're glad to know that my dad's personal note made a difference.
Thank you for choosing our leafy gear and supporting our family's hunting brand.
Happy adventuring! -Kyle

Jeff A. (Hastings, US)

I purchased the hats for my son and myself recently, and we both love the quality and comfort of these hats. Our recent hunt had our friends asking about the hats. They are very comfortable and blend in perfectly with the areas we hunt. Hands down the best leafy-gear we've ever purchased. We'll be back...

Hi Jeff, thank you for your review! We are so glad to hear that you and your son are loving the quality and comfort of our Leafy Face Mask Bucket Hat. We take pride in providing top-notch gear for hunting. We look forward to having you back as a customer. Good luck in your pursuits! -Kyle