Kings Camo Patterns


Kings Desert Shadow

The most realistic and effective camo for low to mid elevations. Its high-definition features and detailed depth using sagebrush to blend into the western high desert environments and Texas Open Mesquite terrain. Type:Photorealistic
Species:Coyote, Deer, Dove

Kings Mountain Shadow

High contrast, open pattern developed for thick forests to transitional open terrain. King's Camo Mountain Shadow® is the most realistic and effective camo for mid to high elevations. It's high-definition features and detailed depth of feel provides concealment in an early-season whitetail stand or while stalking mule deer or elk in the high country. Type:Photorealistic
Species:Bighorn Sheep, Elk, Bear

Kings Snow Shadow

Kings Snow Shadow Camo is designed with subtle contrast from light to dark with beautiful realistic detail in color and shadows that provide ultimate depth and clarity to match winter conditions and snow terrain. The power of Snow Shadow is due to the softness of the pattern created by subtle breakup. Finally a snow camo pattern that draws in the white colors but also balances out the soft breakup made by the underlying vegetation. - Kings Camo Type:Photorealistic
Species:Abominable Snowman, Coyote, Goose

Other Camo Patterns


Black Ground Blind

Disappear into the shadows of your ground blind. Given that most pop-up blinds feature a darkened interior, the ideal camouflage option is black attire. It's essential to don a black, long-sleeved shirt, head covering, and gloves, particularly on your bow hand, as it will be closest to your shooting window when you reach full draw. Type:One color

Matthew’s Lost Camo

“Lost Camo® was developed by Mathews® founder, Matt McPherson and team. It has a distinctive, multi-directional look that is designed to get lost in the trees above… precisely where you will be with your new Mathews®. Lost Camo® is equally effective in all kinds of terrain, western draws, fence lines, rocky hillsides, or the Texas brush. The colors in Lost Camo® are found everywhere in the country, 12 months of the year. Designed by a bowhunter, for bowhunters, Lost Camo® is the perfect addition to any bowhunters gear bag.” -Lost Camo website Type:Photorealistic
Species:Deer, Turkey