Turkey Hunting in QuikCamo Leafy Suit, Leafy Face Mask Bucket Hat and Camo Gloves

Why I Made the Switch to a Leafy Camo Ghillie Suit


My name is Michael Kordek, and I started hunting as a sophomore in college. Since I am originally from Illinois, growing up in an area with limited access and being the only person in my family with a serious interest in the sport, learning the ropes has sometimes been a struggle. More often than not, my biggest issue with learning about hunting has been finding the right gear.

How should I dress? What camo pattern do I need? What gear will I wear at the beginning of the season versus the end of the season?  These are just a few questions I ask myself as I look through the seemingly endless options of camo clothing that promises to make you “invisible” to wild game. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a do-it-all option that really does help you blend in and work for every season?

I was conversing with my buddy from work, Adam, yapping on about the upcoming turkey season here in Iowa.

“It’s so hard to tell how to dress for the season,” I stated in frustration. “It can be in the 30s, brown and barren early season, up to the 70s by the late season green up.”

Adam simply replied, “Dude, just get a leaf suit.” As he listed a few reasons that stuck with me, I figured it should be time to make the switch.

Added Realism

Regular camo does a good job of breaking up your outline and helping you blend in. But a leaf suit takes it to another level! QuickCamo offers excellent patterns from Mossy Oak and Realtree, but the real magic happens with the suit's superior leafy design. With this combination, your outline is broken up further, making you look more like a bush rather than a camo-covered person. With this next level of camouflage, I believe you’ll be less likely to get picked out by wary game that has probably been spooked and educated by hunters wearing average camo. 

Lightweight and Breathable

Due to these leafy suits' material and construction, they are easily packable, lightweight, and breathable. As a turkey hunter, this is exciting since the QuikCamo will be perfect for late-season hunts due to the breathable bug-proof mesh that makes up the camo suit, besides its elastic cuffs and four zippered pockets. It is also important to note that the ghilly suit's lightweight fabrics are soft, which results in a quieter design that has more utility than sneaking through the woods while hunting wild turkeys.


A hunter's suit will offer enough space to wear over thicker camo to go along with the previous point. Depending on the camo pattern you choose, you will find that your suit can be worn over thicker camo during the late deer season or early turkey season while still blending with the changing foliage. I believe Mossy Oak New Bottomland will work at any point of a Midwest turkey season, but I could see Realtree Xtra Green working well too. Ultimately, it is not just the camo suit's pattern that allows for its versatility but also the quality of the fabrics, the design of the leaves themselves (QuikCamo’s copyrighted shape allows for a natural movement that mimics nature’s leaves), and the features like its silent snap button closures that will hold no matter how much gear you need for your hunting season. I believe Mossy Oak New Bottomland will work at any point of a Midwest turkey season, but I could see Realtree Xtra Green working well too.

Looking forward to my next hunt

Along with my leafy suit, I also snagged a pair of leafy gloves and a leafy ball cap/mask combo with my order. With this complete QuikCamo set, I am excited to see how this new set will fare in the woods this spring and for seasons to come.

As I’m sure you all do with your hunting buddies, Adam and I keep turkey talkin’, our conversations naturally flowing through other pertinent topics like what states we were hitting up, the calls we were trying to learn, and the latest Pinhoti Project episode we were watching on our lunch break. As the day's march on closer and closer to opening day,  we all can only wish it would come here sooner; how are you passing the time till yours?

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