Maximizing Your Hunting Efficiency with the Right Gear

Maximizing Your Hunting Efficiency with the Right Gear

Whether you're hunting deer, turkeys, or other game animals, doing so with the right gear can maximize your efficiency. Efficiency manifests itself in many ways, but most commonly, your equipment and gear determine how efficient you will be during a long hunt. Here is how to ensure your gear is up to the task and can help you score big on your next hunt.

Hunter Efficiency

Being an efficient hunter is more than just having the right hunting attitude and basic knowledge. The correct method of being an efficient hunter is to ensure proper preparation, and that your gear is comfortable enough to instill focus and precision to make every shot count. An effective hunter utilizes every piece of gear to increase their chances of a successful hunt and to waste as little time and resources as possible on faulty equipment.

The Efficiency of Hunting Gear

While it is often taken for granted, hunting gear can make or break a good hunting trip. Effective camouflage, comfort, and lightweight material create a superior suit that can be used in the hunt for a variety of game. The best gear contributes to successful concealment, provides comfort during long stationary periods, and masks your scent from prey that may otherwise be alerted to your presence and flee.

More Successful Concealment

You want hunting gear that helps conceal your body from head to toe while only moving as necessary to simulate the foliage around it. This allows you to blend into any environment, making hunting game like turkey far more effective, as the birds are known for their perception and ability to spot discrepancies.

Using natural hunting gear that simulates the foliage around your body conceals more and blends into the environment. As such, it increases efficiency by providing a higher chance of a successful shot with less effort. Your prey won't be alerted to your presence by a sliver of skin that cuts through the suit or unnatural movements.

Higher Levels of Comfort

A hunt can take the entire day, and sometimes you must remain motionless in a specific spot for several hours. A suit that is digging into your body, not flexing with your muscles, or is composed of uncomfortable fabric that irritates the skin, can ruin a critical moment. The last thing you want is to have the perfect shot ruined by an awkward itch or sweat gathering on your palm, especially after waiting nearly an hour for your quarry to come into sight.

Do you want to sit in a brush with leather digging into your stomach, or does a comfortable leafy suit that allows for natural movement while you wait sound more enticing? Remember, you will need to travel great distances for specific hunts, so having genuine camo gear that is comfortable to move in is paramount for keeping the sport enjoyable without contributing to intense sweat sessions, irritation, or loose fabric that gets caught on every nearby branch or root.

Controls Scent

Many animals know what hunters smell like; our bodies naturally want to exude that odor through sweat. While it is impossible to eliminate our scent, the right leafy suit can mask those odors to trick and ease any confusion certain animals might have when they approach a trap or decoy.

Fingerless hunting gloves with scent-controlled fabric, for instance, prevent even the sweatiest of palms from alerting animals as they kill the odor-creating bacteria found in moisture as it develops. It allows you to maintain a steady grip on your rifle while remaining motionless, increasing the chance you will make a successful shot since the animal will not smell you.

Hiding in Plain Sight

With efficient hunting gear, you can hide in plain sight and secure almost any quarry with enough time and dedication. However, with how popular hunting is and how varied the locales can be, it might be daunting to try and find the right natural camo gear that can satisfy every situation.

Luckily, at QuickCamo, we provide 3D camo by leafing our suits. This process allows hunters to have hunting gear that naturally blends in with the environment and sways with the foliage, so as not to alert animals to their presence.

Why 3D Leafing is Superior Concealment

3D camo is, as the name suggests, camouflage patterns that are three-dimensional and hang off the hunting gear. You can find these on ghillie or leafy suits, and the individual leaves can move with the sway of the wind or your body, concealing subtle movements so as not to alarm or startle prey. In heavy greenery, 3D leafy camo is often superior to simpler camouflage patterns as it allows the hunter to blend into the environment.

The Importance of Camouflage Gear

There are three types of camouflage: ghillie, leafy, and plain. Ordinarily, a ghillie suit has the same qualities as a leafy suit, and a leafy suit has the same qualities as a camouflage suit. However, these qualities do not travel in the reverse direction. For example, camouflage is not always a ghillie suit, but a ghillie suit has camouflage.

Camouflage is essential in hunting. Every animal is unique in how they spot hunters, so research is paramount in ensuring you are successful. In some cases, you may need simple camouflage; in others, you will need a full ghillie suit with fingerless hunting gloves. Each situation is different, so you should have several pieces of gear for every occasion.

We recommend that turkey hunters find a ghillie suit to add to their hunting gear, as most turkeys are in foliage-dense areas. You want the extra foliage provided by 3D camo, especially for flighty birds and other animals. Ultimately you want to break up the human form, which leafy camo does better than any other camo gear.

Efficiently Supplied

Quick Camo uses only the most up-to-date camouflage patterns and materials to make comfortable, successful, and long-lasting leafy and ghillie suits. Whether you need hats, gloves, or camouflage to ensure your next hunt is successful, we encourage you to check out our complete catalog of hunting gear.

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