Deal Cave

Welcome to the Deal Cave! The Mossy Oak ghilly hats that are shown here were made a little smaller than normal, the crowns are cut in the “Low Profile” style.  So, all the Mossy Oak “rear” mask ghilly hats are on the small side (Size 7 1/8″ or 56cm), which is okay for many adults… gut great for most kids.  However, all the “front” mask ghilly hats have been constructed to be a little bigger and are adjustable so they will fit more people (sizes 7 1/4″ to 7 3/8″ or 57cm to 58cm). All these ghilly hats have scent control fabric and are waterproof.  Normally these QuikCamo ghilly hats retail for $39.99, so 50% off is a great deal while they last.  Get yours now and save big.

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