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Kings Desert Shadow Camo Hat with Built-in Front Face Concealment (Adjustable, OSFM)

Kings Desert Shadow Camo Hat with Built-in Front Face Concealment (Adjustable, OSFM)

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Kings Desert Shadow Camo Hat with Built-in Front Face

Kings Desert Shadow Camo Hat with Built-in Front Face

[tab: Features/] - Eyewear Compatible

- Quik Face Cover

- Mask Drops Down in the Front of the Hat Under the Bill

- Lightweight Mesh Over the Ears to Avoid Impaired Hearing


- Break-up Your Outline

- Disrupt the Human Form

- Bill Keeps Sun out of your Eyes while You Wear Mask

- Ideal for Fall and Spring Turkey Season

- Great for Wildlife Photography and Tactical Birdwatching

- PERFECT for Concealment from Goose, Duck, Big Game, Elk, Whitetail Deer, Coyotes and Other Predators

[tab: Description/] INSTANTLY Hiding Your Shining Face is as EASY AS 1-2-3:

  1. Simply wear QuikCamo with the mask tucked up into the crown of the hat
  2. After you've arrived at your favorite spot, lift your QuikCamo hat up and shake down the mask
  3. Reposition QuikCamo back on your head…Now You're Ready!

QuikCamo Hats with Face Concealment Features Include:

- Eyewear Compatible

- One-handed Operation

- Lightweight Mesh Over the Ears

- Fog Reducing Mesh in the Mask

- High Quality Fabrics are Quick Drying / Moisture Wicking and Breathable 

Camo Pattern Description:
Kings Desert Shadow - the most realistic and effective camo for low to mid elevations. It's high-definition features and detailed depth using sagebrush to blend into the western high desert environments and Texas Open Mesquite terrain.

QuikCamo Quality Headwear is the finest face concealment and hat combo in the industry. QuikCamo hats are used by those interested in blending into nature "at the drop of a hat." Face covers are easily and quickly deployed from the crown of the cap to get you covered instantly. Concealment Masks are compatible with eyewear. The quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabric breathes to keep you cool during warm-weather. The hat breaks up the outline of your face without impairing your hearing or blocking your sight. There are several other styles and patterns to choose from. Get your GameFaceGear on with QuikCamo!

How To Measure Your Head Size Video Link

Kings Desert Shadow Camo Hat with Built-in Front Face


Kings Desert Shadow Camo Hat with Built-in Front Face Concealment (Adjustable, OSFM)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Candice H. (Caldwell, US)
Great quality

Ordered this and one in snow pattern. Wish I would have had them years ago. First off, shipping was insanely quick. I ordered late afternoon Monday I think, and received it on Wednesday. Second of all, the quality is out of this world. I honestly expected a thin hat like everything is these days. Boy was I surprised. The bill is about three times as thick as any hat out there today. Shaped perfect right out of the package. Good thick material on top and the face mask is light and airy. Perfect for Spring and summer coyote hunting.

Wow, thanks for the solid review! Good luck in your hunting pursuits this summer and fall!


Great hat and great service

Michael S.

Great Camo Hat - I'm preparing for another turkey hunt. I borrowed a friend's hat that was just like this. Wow what a neat hat. I'm happy to have my own.